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Subtle Body Language Flirting

When we think about flirting with body language we usually think about some cheesy moves picked up from music videos or commercials. A woman biting her lip, tying a cherry stem up with her tongue or running her hand up her long exposed leg. A man giving the creepy pursed lip stare-down, comically raising a suggestive eyebrow or running some fingers through his hair to tousle it. Body language flirting is a powerful tool in your dating and attraction repertoire but it need not be overt and over the top. Subtle body language flirting will get you the girl.

Women are Subtle, Men are Not

I want to make a very simple case for subtlety over obliqueness when it comes to your body language. Women are subtle, men are not. All of those cheesy images you've seen in commercials and music videos were written, choreographed and directed by men. No high quality woman would be caught dead making any of those movements in her daily flirting life and no man who makes such blatant overtures of interest will get very far with a high quality woman.

Men need these over the top examples of flirtatious body language because men are, more often than not, terrible at reading subtle physical cues. Women are masters at reading subtle physical cues. A woman will look at another woman or at a man and pick up on their mood and intentions automatically by noticing a thousand tiny shifts in expression that men are usually blind to. Believe me - a woman will know that you're interested in her even if you don't lick your lips when you look over at her.

Successfully communicating with a woman depends on speaking her language, the language of subtle cues. Successfully communicating with a woman also depends on learning to notice the subtle cues she makes.

Are You Unconsciously Yelling At the Women You Meet?

For a woman the difference between subtle flirting body language and blatant body language flirtation is the difference between speaking in a normal tone of voice and yelling. When you are really blatant with your body language with a woman she feels like you're screaming at her. And believe it or not most women don't like to be screamed at by strange men they've just met!

Women are instinctively drawn to men who are able to understand and speak this subtle body language with them. At a base level women love when a man notices what they are feeling and expressing, when a man knows that they are interested and flirting without getting hit over the head with it. But knowing how to read subtle body language speaks volumes about who you are as a person and how you will react to other, non-flirting social situations. It shows that you tune into other people on a deep level. It shows that you'll be able to tell when she's happy or upset without her having to make it obvious to everyone. It shows that you'll be able to tune into and respond appropriately to the other people in her life whom she cares about, like her friends and family. And all of these things are very, very attractive to a woman.

Tapping into the subtleties of body language flirting sounds intimidating and impossible at first, but once you begin to open up to this whole alternate world of communication all of these cues become incredibly apparent and unmistakable.

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